To the person in charge of purchasing

Our company specializes in mainly Chinese and ethnic ingredients. In addition, although it is partial, we also handle domestic ingredients.

The variation and quality of products vary depending on the origin and region, the form of packaging (bags, jars, cans, etc.), and the method of storage. You can choose the most suitable product from a rich lineup according to your needs. In addition, we will respond quickly to small lots and urgent orders. We are committed to flexibly responding to your requirements and delivering the highest quality products.

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Strengths of Japan-China Trade

Chinese and ethnic food product display examples

We will advise you on which products should be displayed and in what position, and how to display them appropriately. Here are some of them.

■Kanagawa Prefecture MD store



吹き出し Comment from the person in charge

They wanted to plan a product exhibition event like a standard product exhibition event at a department store, so they ordered our lineup of Chinese and ethnic ingredients. Due to its popularity, it is displayed in stores as a regular product even after the event.

■ Tokyo D store

Proposal of shelf layout (Mr./Ms. Pull)

We will propose the optimal display method according to the customer's needs. If you contact us with the size (height, depth, width) of the fixtures, we will guide you to an effective display, focusing on products that are suitable for the number of stores, location environment, and customer base.