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2024年3月2日 : Introduction of Business Matching Service

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2024March 2 Day - : Start merchant house 之間信息配?Business Intervention?

We not only promote our products and services, but also provide business matching services. We are always recruiting, so please feel free to contact us.

me?un?推广我?mark?Japanese clothing?,?提供商家之間配?Business. me?一直在進行配?business,reason?follow?Yoga??System.

■ Recommended for people like this!
・ Those who are thinking of expanding into overseas markets
・ Those who want to introduce carefully selected domestic products to wealthy people in Europe and the United States
・ Those who want to make custom-made products and differentiate themselves from other companies
・ Those who want to introduce their company or overseas products overseas or in Japan

■Recommendations and recommendations
・Examination??Exhibit to overseas markets?of customers
・I want to choose carefully from wealthy groups in Europe and the United States?of the State of Japan?The customer of the product
・I want to make it,Customers who are different from other companies and have unique products
・I want to be in Japan or overseas,seashell?Customers of their own company or overseas products

■ How to use
・Publication period: Adjustable according to inquiries
・Cost: Free for a limited time
・Recruitment: Applicants should contact us by e-mail in advance and have them screened.
・Selection criteria: Based on the laws and taxes of Japan, we will make decisions at our discretion.
It is a company that is eligible for the Qualified Invoice Retention System (Invoice System).

■ Introduction to use
・During the introduction period: Consultation is available?,Our company according to the situation?Yes?whole
・?用:規定介紹期間内,Waiver for the time being?。
・Product information signs:?Early pass??child?pieces with our company?Tie back,We will?Conduct a review and investigation??。
・Publication of product information?Quasi: In accordance with Japanese laws, ordinances, and tax regulations,me?will be at its discretion.
Basic conditions,have?Qualified?Ticketing line??Grid's company.

■ Sample entry
For detailsHerePlease check.

■ Information matching between merchants?Business application form template

We are flexible enough to meet your needs.
It is also possible to use it among third-party companies, so please feel free to contact us.

Our company provides a platform for information exchange. Will be as much as possible,?The needs of the company.
So that our company provides a platform,Information supply and demand,The three parties share information in the real world. therefore?follow?Yoga??System.

2024March 1 Day - : Notice of Website Updates

Our,Heartfelt feelings?Everyone's encouragement all the time. ?once,Our company updated me?website. Our company will work hard?One?Improve the content of the website,From now on,I look forward to your chances, too?In the tank.

2024年3月1日 : Notice of website renewal
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support. This time, we have renewed our website. We will strive to further enhance the content, and we look forward to your continued support.