Product Introduction

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We handle products from a large number of manufacturers and categories. Please note that the following products are subject to change or correction without prior notice.

Main products

Chinese & Ethnic Seasonings
Douban sauce, oyster sauce, etc.

Ethnic Ingredients
Coconut milk cream, various curry pastes, nam pla pho, etc.

Chinese Spices
Octagonal, sansho, five-spice powder, various chili powders, holes, cinnamon, 13 incense, etc.

Frozen products
Chinese zani crab, etc.

Ethnic retort curry, etc.

health foods
Ganoderma capsules, herbal ingredients, throat lozenges, etc.

Green tea, sencha, roasted tea, various processed matcha products, etc.

お茶(Chinese & Ethnic)
Jasmine tea, pandan leaf tea, etc.

Dried fruits
Dates, Mr./Ms. Sacistic, etc.

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Product Categories