Shopping Guide

We will guide you through the process until the product arrives at you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

How to order




juridical person(BtoB)Customers

For corporations/stores, special requests

In order to facilitate the transaction, please fill in the remarks column when ordering. In addition, please note that we will summarize the delivery note, invoice, and receipt on one sheet of A4 copy paper.

If you wish to purchase a product that is not listed on the site

If the product you want is not listed on the site, please contact us separately. We will confirm your request and contact you again from the person in charge.

About delivery

There are usually two shipping methods.
1 メーカーや輸入元から直接出荷/直送 メーカーや輸入元から直接お送りする方法で、運送会社は弊社で指定できません。 2 日中貿易有限会社/亜洲超市アジアンスーパー各店から出荷 弊社からの出荷となり、主に日本郵便を利用しております。


Corporations & Stores(BtoB)Customers of Wholesale

■ In the case of products shipped directly from the manufacturer / except in stock / back-ordered
■ In the case of Japan-China trade PB products / except in stock or on backorder

About Returns and Exchanges

We take all possible measures to manage the product, but in the unlikely event that a defective product occurs, or if there is a delivery error, please contact us within 7 days after the product arrives.

About payment

In the case of Mizuho Bank transfer

After the order is confirmed, it will be shipped and delivered after confirming the bank transfer. Thank you for your understanding.

In the case of SNS PAY payment

About the shipping company

We usually use the日本郵便ゆうパックHowever, we may use other shipping companies depending on the situation. We will select the most suitable shipping method in consideration of the customer's order, the size and weight of the product, the delivery address, etc. Please note that the shipping cost depends on the customer's order and the tracking number given. We have comprehensively assessed the situation and selected the most suitable means, but if you have any requests, please contact us in advance.

The shipper is an online shopping site operated by our company.亜州超市Asian Super It will be each store.

Japan Post Yu-Pack

Shipping companies other than Japan Post Yu-Pack

■ Small goods(Light, thin / 50g, thickness about 1-3cm)
■ Ordinary products(4Condition up to kg / thickness up to 3 cm)

About shipping cost

Since the shipping fee varies depending on the delivery address, we will calculate the shipping fee and inform you of the total invoice amount (unit price of the product shipping fee handling fee, etc.). After payment is confirmed, we will proceed with the shipment of the product.

Status of shipments(Size/size, thickness, weight, etc.)・Please note that the shipping fee may vary depending on the delivery destination/region.


Depending on the packaging form of the product (bag, bottle, can, container) and the quantity ordered, the packaging form of the shipped product may change. In particular, please note that a tracking number will not be attached when shipping by non-standard mail.

For Letterpack Lite

The shipping fee is 370 yen ~ for 1 unit.

Letter Pack[LP/レターパックライト]The corresponding conditions are that the thickness of the product is 3 cm and the weight is 4 kg or less. Products that meet these conditions are:レターパックIt will be posted to your mailbox. Thank you for your understanding.

In the case of Japan Post Yu-Pack

e.g. 60 cm size on three sides(Height× Width× Length)・ Weighs 10 kg, 23 wards of Tokyo(Excludes remote islands)In the case of shipping, the shipping fee is 600 yen ~ 1 unit

Example) In the case of 60 size, A B C = within 60 cm

* The shipping fee is日本郵便It is subject to change without prior notice each time due to changes in conditions. Thank you for your understanding.

* Deliveries to remote islands and some areas may incur additional charges.
* If you want to send multiple types of products to different delivery destinations, you need to place separate orders.
* If you want to deliver multiple types of products to different destinations, please contact us in advance about your preferred shipping address.
■ Shipping table by area

Issuance of invoices, delivery notes, and receipts

If you wish to issue invoices, delivery notes, or receipts, we will issue them together on one sheet. As for the delivery method, we will basically send it by e-mail. Thank you for your understanding.

Download the purchase order

Please download the order form from the link below and send it by fax or e-mail.